Meet our founder, Sabrina

When ClearForMe founder Sabrina Noorani noticed something was wrong with the skin around her lips six years ago, she was stumped. With the help of her dermatologist, she learned that she was allergic to Fragrance, Nickel, and Formaldehyde. Initially, it seemed like all she had to do was avoid those three ingredients. As she soon found out, it was a lot harder than that.

Fragrance, a very common skin irritant and something that can be found in everything from makeup to skin care to household cleaning products, has 32 different chemical names used in ingredient labels by manufacturers! To avoid Nickel, one has to look for 19 different chemical names on labels! Formaldehyde, a very common preservative and something that can be found in numerous personal care products, has 12 different chemical synonyms!

Sabrina knew there had to be an easier way. She walked away from her job as a trader on Wall Street, to build ClearForMe, the cloud for all cosmetics ingredients. The ClearForMe database and simple API tool empowers consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for (online or offline in the store), and enables brands and retailers to achieve even greater ingredient transparency.

Learn more about ingredient safety, and how our database works on our FAQ page. Contact us at info@clearforme.com for more information.