Make product discovery
easy for your customers


Empower your customers with clear and simple ingredient information to shop with confidence


ClearForMe manages the most comprehensive ingredient database on the market.

We map every ingredient across your SKUs so your customers can easily find the right products in your store.


Have ingredient information on your store’s product pages to empower your customers to purchase with confidence.

Our API integration makes implementing the solution simple and easy.

Enabling you to


customer engagement

Create a personalized shopping experience for your customers by connecting with our API services.


customer loyalty

Earn their trust by providing them with ingredient information on your page, right at their fingertips.


your sales

Increase customer confidence and become a leader in Ingredient Transparency and Clear Beauty.

Our services


We’ve helped increase Average Over Value by 15% month over month in 2018

Enhance your searchability within retailers to match with new customers

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