About us


“Our mission is to empower consumers with information that is simple and clear on what they put on their bodies so they can make confident choices”


- Sabrina Noorani,
Founder and CEO of ClearForMe


Sabrina Noorani

A Math whiz, Sabrina was one of the only female derivatives traders at NYSE and later, one of the first employees (she started their institutional desk) at the now illustrious Citadel hedge fund. In 2017, a debilitating skin allergy led her to launch Clear For Me to bring transparency to ingredient labels. She hopes to change how products with ingredient labels are presented to customers today. 

Combining her 15 years of experience in data analytics and consumer experience, Sabrina designed ClearForMe’s very first API solution to link retail platforms, such as Shopify, to her cloud-based ingredient platform; enabling brands and retailers to seamlessly bring ingredient clarity to shoppers for the first time.

Sabrina is based in New York, but you will probably find her meeting beauty companies around the world, leading the charge in Clear Beauty.

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